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Cellulite on problem areas (butt, hips, abdomen, legs, arms)

Body contouring

The new CELLU EX embodies innovative technology, brilliant quality and unparalleled comfort.
Body contouring has never been easier, faster and more pleasant.

The compressive micro-vibration method generates low-frequency vibrations that are transmitted to the skin.
and transferred to the skin. The pulsating rhythm acts on the tissue, creating the effects of the
treatment are created.


Cellulite reduction


Pregnancy stripes


Fat reduction


Excess body weight

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Lymphatic Drainage

Body contouring

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Drainage Action

The effect of the compression on the muscles encourages them to work out. This circulates the blood to pump more efficiently, helping the muscles to tone in the area(s) treated .

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Both the compression and vibrating effect produce a deep stimulation at the vascular and metabolic level. The tissue thus endures stimulation that generates a “vascular workout”, which improves the microcirculatory system .

the rotation and vibration , spur stem cells into healing action. The result is a reduction in undulations at the surface of the skin, typical in cellulite.

The pulsating and rhythmic action on mechanoreceptor produce a reduction or the removal of pain for a short period. The activation of receptors improves oxygenation and in sequence, allows for the reduction of tissue inflammation, active both for uncomfortable forms of cellulite and lymphoedema. The analgesic action of the device is successfully used in rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Excess body weight
Cellulite on problem areas (butt, hips, abdomen, legs, arms)
Poor circulation of venous blood
Reduced muscle tone or muscle spasms
Flabby or puffy skin