Alix Technology

Unlock the full potential of cosmetic laser treatments with Alix Technology, setting the gold standard for precision, safety, and efficacy.

Discover the Power of our Laser and Light Systems

Delight your clients with stunning beauty results through Alix Lasers®. Elevate your cosmetic studio to new heights with our innovative treatment offerings for unparalleled outcomes.

Alix Lasers® represents the pinnacle of innovative laser and light systems, with software developed at our Swiss facility. For over a decade, we’ve continually refined our product quality based on cutting-edge research and valuable customer feedback, achieving optimal results across all treatments through our fully automated software.

Our products are aligned with the latest technology, offering new and potent treatment options in the medical-cosmetic field. Clients benefit from safe and clinically-proven technologies and treatments.

When you choose Alix Lasers® for your cosmetic or medical laser needs, you gain the advantage of years of customer experience, combined with our expertise and exceptional customer service.

Our seasoned service team is always ready to provide individualized, on-site consultation. Comprehensive practical training is a given, available to you in various formats post-purchase.

10-Year Alix Lasers® Warranty

Place your trust in our expertise and offer your clients long-term results for their hair-free needs.

Fast and Pain-Free Technology

Provide your clients with efficient and comfortable laser treatments that save them time while delivering the utmost comfort. 

One Handpiece for Every Zone - Effortlessly Installed and Adjusted

Experience the versatility of our Alix Diode Lasers (excluding Pro), now featuring the IceCool System with 5 different zone handpieces.

Efficiently and swiftly target every zone in your treatment, maximizing your productivity.

Cool Comfort, Pain-Free Treatment

Our handpieces are ice-cooled, ensuring an absolutely pain-free experience, even in sensitive intimate areas.

Handpiece Dimensions:

  • 8mm
  • 12*12mm²
  • 10*12mm²
  • 10*20mm²
  • 20*20mm²
  • 12*35mm² Standard

Magnetic Attachments – Surgical Precision, Ice-Cold Comfort

Switch to your magnetic attachments in seconds, offering chirurgical precision and ice-cold comfort.

Silent ICE - Over 12 Years of Uncompromising Quality

Alix Lasers® is synonymous with innovative laser and light systems, with software developed at our Swiss facility. For over 12 years, we’ve been committed to maintaining product quality based on the latest research and enriched by customer feedback, achieving optimal results across all treatments. Our specialized insulation keeps heat away from the device and reduces noise levels by 29%.

Our products are at the cutting edge of technology, offering our clients new and potent treatment options in the medical-cosmetic field. Clients benefit from our extensive experience.


All of our Alix Lasers® (except Pro) earn the “SILENT ICE” seal, achieving a noise level below 71 dB. Silent Ice is an advancement that significantly lowers operational noise. Our Alix Lasers® operate at a consistent noise level between 52 – 71 dB.

Your ambient temperature can now go up to 45 degrees Celsius, and your Alix Laser will still perform reliably.

Alix Operation System 5.0

Auto Pilot 5.0 by Alix Lasers® is the simplest way to remove hair effectively and quickly. 

With over 10 years and numerous hair removal treatments under its belt, Auto Pilot 5.0 is continually updated multiple times a year, thanks to our valuable customer feedback.

Setting Parameters in Selection Mode

In the selection mode, set the following parameters for the treatment area. Note that different body zones require different settings:

  • Determine the skin type first
  • Next, determine the natural skin color
  • Finally, determine the hair structure

Different body parts also have different types of hair. Make sure to adjust these settings during the treatment.

Activate and Treat

Activate the laser system and begin the treatment. Easily reach your desired settings within 1 minute with Alix Lasers® AOS 5.0.